My thoughts on Lightroom iPad Mobile Subscription

This post could be very short and summarized in one sentence: I had Lightroom iPad Mobile trial subscription and I didn't use it even once. 

When I got my iPad a couple of years ago, I really wanted to be able to edit pictures on it. In fact, I thought it could substitute my laptop for quick edits and I was really disappointed that Adobe didn't have Lightroom for iPad back then. Well, they finally released Lightroom for iPad a month ago (more or less) but I think it was too late for me at that point.

My main concern was about monitor calibration - there is no way to calibrate your iPad display. I don't want to edit pictures on an iPad and then go back to my desktop to correct the edits because of mis-calibrated iPad's display - it's like doing the same work twice. Of course, I tried Lightroom Mobile during the trial period but I didn't use it to edit pictures in a more 'serious' way. However, I was quite surprised that the picture I played with looked almost the same as on my calibrated desktop monitor.

So why I didn't edit anything on my iPad? I guess I got used to separating 2 different workflows: a desktop and a mobile workflow. The former one is for photos I take with my cameras and I prefer to edit those pictures on my computer. I feel I have much more control over the edits and I spend more time on fine-tuning these edits. The latter (mobile workflow) is for pictures I take with my iPhone and iPad. I also edit these pictures on my mobile devices and upload them to social networks. I don't have a need to have so much control over editing these pictures because they don't have such a great photographic/creative value to me as my camera pictures have.

I guess it's a matter of personal preference.

iOS photo app to refresh photography knowledge

If your memory is as mine, good but short, then you might find PocketChris, a set of iOS photo apps, very useful. 'PocketChris' doesn't say much so there is a pretty good chance that you might overlooked them.


The series includes 3 separate apps and the best thing is that they are for free. The creator, Chris Marquardt, a German photographer and the host of TFTTF podcast, put together most of the information that you'll need to refresh your memory on composing, exposure, metering, sensor sizes, etc. - basically most of the things you need to know about digital photography. All these information is divided into 3 apps, from basics to advanced.

I think it's nice to have all these information at the palm of your hand and you can refresh your knowledge about digital photography when waiting for a bus or, if you're a man, when you're waiting for your wife/girlfriend trying on a 10th dress in her favourite clothing store :)