I was born in Poland in the early 80s. I left my home country soon after I turned 17. I first lived in the south of Belgium, then in the Netherlands where I graduated from a university and I worked for a couple of years. Work opportunities brought me back to Belgium (its capital city Brussels) in 2009.

I moved to the United States of America (Memphis, TN) in June 2013 where I worked as an in-house photographer for a home retail company. I relocated to Luxembourg (Europe) in 2016.

Ever since I remember, I've been interested in photography. It really took off when I was 13 or 14 and I realized I won't be a painter (even the worst one - I still draw people as stick figures). Photography was the next best thing I decided to try.

I've been doing all types of photography. However, my passion for photographing people has grown over the years, especially on-location and outdoor - I do portraits and headshot photography, editorial, sports and action, fashion photography and I photograph events. I also enjoy product photography when I feel like working on my own. The spectrum is still quite broad but it's hard for me to limit myself only to one type of photography, at least for the moment.

My real interest and passion have developed around environmental (on-location/outdoor) and conceptual portraits, editorial and fashion photography. For some strange reason, I was never interested in studio photography (probably because it's expensive to have a studio and challenging to have enough space to store all the backdrops, etc.). I find shooting on-location, outdoor or indoor, much more interesting (and challenging at the same time), especially when I can make use of both the natural light and speedlights. On-location photography gives me a leverage of presenting and showing a photographed person or clothing line in a context of a place. 

Some of my corporate clients:

Teranet Europe

Stanley Black & Decker



FM Team

Solamente 55

Summit Events

Urban Ecology Center


XU Wellness Center