October 2014 in Snapography

There is no way I can summarize my snapography project for October 2014 in just a couple of words. The reason? The reason is simple - there is a great variety of photographs in October 2014 Snapography. I would rather divide the month of October into 2 parts: (1) most of the color photographs are from my trip to Poland and were edited on an iPad; (2) most of black&white photos were taken with a point-and-shoot Nikon P7800. Let me elaborate a bit more on the latter one. 

I was fed up with Nikon's P7800, mainly because of the lack of quick access to ISO and similar settings (something I'm quite used to in DSLRs) as well as the lack of WiFi function. I really want to spend less time editing pictures (especially for my snapography project) and I just want to be able to share them online almost immediately after I take them. So I've decided to start shooting in JPEG and almost only in B&W. The reason behind shooting only in B&W is that I want to focus more on a subject, lighting and my composition techniques. I don't need color for any of these. You probably guessed it correctly already - you can expect more black and white photographs!