Learning how to travel light with photo gear

Let me start by saying that I've been shooting with DSLRs for the past 4-5 years. I really got used to them but they are too heavy for me when travelling or going for holidays. I recently bought my first in a long time point-and-shoot - Coolpix P7800. I'm heading out for Florida tonight (road trip) for a week and i won't take a DSLR with me. I guess it will take me a bit to adjust and I'll have to learn now to travel light without a DSLR.

What I really like is, because I don't have a huge and heavy DSLR with me, I have much more space in my bag and I can take a couple of speedlights without worrying for my back (yeah, I'm getting old). Previously, I almost never took a speedlight with me (mainly because of weight of my bag), so I hope that thanks to this change of my photo travel habits, I'll use speedlights and come up with some more creative travel photographs.