April 2014 Snapography in 3 pictures

I have to admit that my snapography project for April 2014 was very minimalistic, with only 3 photos. I've been extremely busy with my current photography job for one of the US home decor retail company, which is one of my excuses for not having time for personal projects. However, these three photographs also show what I would like to focus on in the next few months - to use more natural light in my work.

Starbucks Coffee Espresso Mug from Portugal with freshly roasted grains

Let's start February 2014 with some freshly roasted Starbucks coffee in an espresso mug from Portugal. This was my recent photography project on which I spent quite a lot of time fine tuning lighting and figuring out how to arrange the shot and how to capture smoke from the coffee grains. The latter was probably the most challenging because I wanted to capture everything in-camera without photoshopping in post-processing and with minimal editing. I plan to either write a detailed article or record a video soon explaining how I shot  'Starbucks Coffee Espresso Mug from Portugal with freshly roasted grains'. In the meantime, I leave you with the photograph.


Konrad's tutorials and articles on LightingRumours.com

I've recently partnered with an awesome photography website, LightingRumours.com, as a contributing writer. The website's main focus, as the name says, is about lighting gear and rumours about the upcoming flashes and continuous lights in the photo industry. However, I'll contribute to the website mainly with tutorials on how to use speedlights when photographing people and products, how to use light modifiers and how to achieve desirable results with minimum gear. 

Two of my articles have already been published on LightingRumours.com and these are "Back to Basics: what are speedlights and should I get one?" and "Built-in TTL and its implications for the photo accessory industry"


Winter Walk in Black and White

It's my first winter in Memphis, TN and although I was warned there won't be any snow, I wasn't expect temperatures below 0 Celcius (32 Fahrenheit). In fact, it was much colder than that and really sunny. It was a great opportunity to visit Johnson Park in Collierville. It's only 5 minutes from where I live but there was still one part of the park I didn't have a chance to see before. 


December 2013 in Snapography - Summary

I'm happy that winter weather didn't prevent me (or make me too lazy) from taking pictures for my snapography project. I noticed that photographs I took in December were particularly colorful and vibrant in colors. I guess that was the influence of the holiday season on my mood :) Check out below the pictures i took for December 2013 snapography and make sure to follow my updates on the Snapography page here

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iOS photo app to refresh photography knowledge

If your memory is as mine, good but short, then you might find PocketChris, a set of iOS photo apps, very useful. 'PocketChris' doesn't say much so there is a pretty good chance that you might overlooked them.


The series includes 3 separate apps and the best thing is that they are for free. The creator, Chris Marquardt, a German photographer and the host of TFTTF podcast, put together most of the information that you'll need to refresh your memory on composing, exposure, metering, sensor sizes, etc. - basically most of the things you need to know about digital photography. All these information is divided into 3 apps, from basics to advanced.

I think it's nice to have all these information at the palm of your hand and you can refresh your knowledge about digital photography when waiting for a bus or, if you're a man, when you're waiting for your wife/girlfriend trying on a 10th dress in her favourite clothing store :)