Fracture Glass Prints Review

First time I heard about Fracture's glass photo prints was on the Tips from the Top Floor podcast few weeks ago. They advertise that the Fracture glass prints' colors are vibrant and beautifully saturated. Does it mean that Fracture's glass prints don't reproduce colors as they appear on calibrated monitors? I answer below this and many more questions you might have about Fracture's glass prints.

I thought it was a great idea to order a print from Fracture as a gift for a friend. I also took the opportunity to investigate closely the print for this short review.

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Video Review: Domke Protective Wraps from Tiffen

I got last Christmas a set of Domke Protective Wraps, which are produced by Tiffen. You can get these on Amazon for about $15 in 3 different sizes (11", 15" and 19") and in a variety of colors. They are designed to protect lenses and camera bodies when storing photo gear or transporting it, for example in a backpack. I think these are great but I don't think they will completely protect your gear. I explain why in the video review.